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Why join us?

  • membership fees are only $20.00 per season when paid by November.
  • a strong Owners Association means better resale value.
  • access to technical and class information.
  • access to other members advice and help.
  • access to online technical information and help
  • assistance and advice when buying and selling your Noelex 22.
  • regular newsletters packed with useful information.

The Noelex 22 was one of the first trailer yacht designs available following on from the success of the venerable Hartley 16 TY.

Part of the continued popularity of the Noelex 22 is the fact that the design has always had a strong Owners Association.

Many other subsequent Trailer Yacht classes have come and fallen by the wayside, the ones who are still thriving all have the support of their owners, classes such as the Noelex 25, Aquarius 22, Farr Trailer Yachts and Ross 780s to name a few.