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About the Noelex 22

Noelex 22The Noelex 22 Trailer Yacht History
The twenty-two foot Noelex trailer yacht evolved from an eighteen footer built to the ideas of Dr. Noel Honey. The design concept attracted Alex Trethewey and together they developed the original Noelex [Noel and Alex] and have continued to be involved in the growth of the design,from boats intended for their own purposes, into a class now sailed and enjoyed throughout the country.

The class soon established itself in Christchurch as particularly suited to Lyttelton conditions and from there it spread to the southern centres. It first made an impact on the national trailer yachting scene in the 1974 National Trailer Yachting Championships when a Noelex 22 took the Open Title against a number of established stock designs. By the 1975 championships the Noelex 22 class mustered the largest fleet of any single design and sailed for their own National Championship and Handicap trophies,the former being donated by co-designer Alex Trethewey and won by his original Noelex 22.

There are many features which account for the popularity of the class. Clearly, sailing ability has been established by their racing record against trailer yachts of similar size, but primarily the design is intended as a family day sailer and restricted cruiser. To this end, the sail and rigging plans are simple, being based on the "Flying Dutchman" with a light, easily raised mast and single sidestays. The relatively small sail area allows the crew to handle the sheets without winches and its general simplicity permits the racing enthusiast to tune his or her boat without the expense of "go-fast" gadgetry and expensive sail wardrobes. As might be expected from their development in southern waters and the flexible dinghy type rig,these boats stand up well to being driven hard under full sail in fresh conditions, showing particular windward ability in choppy seas. Roller reefing may be fitted but as the boats sail well on either the jib or main, sail reduction is usually effected by dropping the sail.

The light, easily driven hull is readily launched and retrieved from a simple trailer which does not require tandem wheels or brakes and the overall weight is well within the towing capabilities of the average six cylinder car. The ballasted centreplate and low centre of gravity makes the Noelex 22 very stable. Boats have recovered from a knockdown with the plate retracted and the absence of a stub keel allows the yachts to be beached without heeling.

Auxiliary power may be provided by a 6 hp or larger outboard motor and the outboard well is particularly practical in operation.The cockpit provides room for day sailing and two cabin options are available, the traditional stepped coach-roof or a roomier "straight through" line. Interior layout is adapted by the owner to his own requirements.

 An owners association was formed as soon as the class became established and took over the administration of the class through the sale of plans,registration of boats and the setting up of class rules and restrictions.Initially,considerable latitude was allowed for individual adaptation of the design but it is now evident that if the boats are to keep the essence of simplicity, reasonable price limits,resale value and keen competition, then the controls must be tightened. To this end the Noelex 22 Trailer Yacht Association has formalised its constitution, revised the rules and restriction, and re drafted and metricated the measurement drawings. Sets of official templates have been prepared.

For the protection of their own investment,owners of boats which comply with these regulations are urged to register with the Association, who will issue a numbered medallion to be affixed permanently to the yacht. The parent Association in Christchurch wishes to encourage the establishment of sub associations at other centres to provide better communications and to assist in fostering the interests of a design which they believe offers safety with outstanding value in terms of comparable established classes currently available in New Zealand.

2018 Noelex 22 North Islands will be at New Plymouth Yacht Club

2018 Noelex 22 North Islands will be at New Plymouth Yacht Club

On SATURDAY and SUNDAY 10th and 11th February 2018 as part of their Annual Regatta